Saturday, December 24, 2011

Orphanage Visits in Myanmar

Pan Chan Gone Orphanage Monastery in Bago, Myanmar

Situated in the heart of the Bago town, this orphanage monastery houses about 120 orphanages, aging from 3 to 13 years old. All are boys. This monastery provides shelter to the children whose parents lost their life in the civil war near the Thai-Myanmar border in the eastern Myanmar.

We distributed about 170 sets of stationery and 150 sets of bags, children story books plus sticker books to the children. Before we left, we presented some cash donation contributed by friends from Malaysia and Singapore to the monastery.



Sate Phu Taung, Youth Welfare Development Center, Mon State, Kyaikhto Township, Myanmar

The next day, after our Golden Rock tour, we went to this mountain orphanage which provide food and education to about 636 children from needy families and orphans. During our visit there, we met a big group from Buddhist Mission, Singapore who donated food and clothing to the children. Following that, we were mesmerised by a tribal dance performance by the children from Karan Tribe. Four of us went around distributing sweets to the children to make them happy, and a short tour around the center too. This center covers an area of 81 acres. Children are from as young as 3 months old to the university grad. Some orphans came back to teach after graduating from their teacher's training school.

As usual, before we left, we presented cash donation accumulated from the Malaysian and Singapore friends to Ven Jotika, the abbot of Seik Phu Taung monastery.


"A humane heart
of which loving kindness
and compassion flows
for which we deeply
appreciate and honour."

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  1. Hello... would you happen to have a phone contact (or email) for Pan-Chan-Kone orphanage in Bago. I would like to reach out to them, as I have some funds from Australian friends they would like me to give. But I don't want to just show up unannounced. Thanks. please drop me a line at